Barbecued mackerel over bay

Barbecued mackerel over bay

Our all-time favourite fish for barbecuing is mackerel. This is because its firm, slightly oily flesh responds well to searing, charring heat.  Tucking bay leaves into the cavity of the fish can impart a subtle flavour.


1) Buy your mackerel from the Fish Store the day you plan to eat it, and have us gut it for you.

2) Massage each fish with a few drops of olive oil and season well, inside and out, with salt and pepper.

3) Make sure your barbecue is hot, and give the grill a few minutes to heat up.

4) Lay a thin bed of bay leaves on the hot grill and lay your mackerel on top of that.

5) Drizzle a little olive oil over the fish and add a squeeze or two of lemon juice.

6) Don’t be alarmed by the crackle and pop of the bay. There may also be some small flames.

7) Turn the fish after 5 minutes and cook for a few minutes longer until the flesh is opaque all the way through.

8) Serve with a green salad and some new potatoes.  Or for a more simple approach, with lemony mayonnaise and some good bread.

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